Version 1.4.0: Filtering function and auto-start

Filtering function*

Some scales and balances can only send data continuously, which means you get a constant  stream of weight values at rates of typically 5 to 10 values per second. SDL can easily keep up with these rates, but if you don’t really need that many values, it would be better if it could ignore most of them.

This is where the new filtering function comes into play:

Filter received lines

In the screenshot above, we set SDL to record one line for every 10 received lines (and ignore the rest). Assuming that your scale sends 10 values per second, SDL would now only record one value per second.

Start data logging with program start*

If you enable this function, SDL will connect to your measurement device on the last used port and start data logging automatically when the program is started:
Start data logging with program startThis eliminates the need to press the start button.

*These features require a paid Plus license.

Request features and vote for those we should prioritize

Both of the features above were requested by our users. You can do so on our forum or by emailing us. You can now also vote for features on our public development board (provided by

Other improvements

Behind the scenes, the core functionality of SDL has been reorganized and is now more modular, testable and expandable. This means that we can add new features more easily, while knowing that they will not affect the existing functionality of the program.

Bug fixes

The new architecture enabled us to find and fix two somewhat exotic bugs:

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