232key Pro

232Key Pro is a scriptable version of our popular 232key virtual keyboard wedge software. Capture data from a COM port or TCP server, process it with your own C# script and send it to any target application as simulated keystrokes.


Data flow from scale to app

Please note: 232key is now available as a Release Candidate (RC1). While this version is close to our final release, your feedback remains important. Please report any issues on our support page or contact us.

Usage example – counting scale

232key Pro software with Ohaus counting scale

Your counting scale sends the weight, unit weight and quantity to a connected PC running 232key Pro and the target application (e.g. a form in a web browser as shown below). 232key captures the data sent from the scale and passes it to your script, which converts it to the required number formats and adds tabs between the values. It then returns a string to 232key for output to the target application as simulated keystrokes.

The user can fill out the form by simply pressing the “PRINT” key on the scale (or – if supported – by pressing a keyboard shortcut):

Form filled out automatically by 232key Pro

Further information

Consult our Documentation and Script pages.

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