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Asking for help

Please observe the following points so that we can help you as fast as possible:

    • Please indicate the manufacturer and exact type/model of your device. Bad examples: “a scale” or “an Ohaus scale”. Good example: “an Ohaus STX421 scale”.
    • Please describe the problem precisely. “It does not work as expected” is far less helpful than “when I press the print button, only numbers in brackets show up in the event log in 232key Pro (see attachment)”.
    • Attach a screenshot of the event log.
    • Send us the user manual for your device if it’s not freely available on the internet.
    • If we’ve successfully solved your problem, please confirm that the solution worked. This is important for other users with the same issue.

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2 thoughts on “FAQ – Support”

  1. If 232key plus is uninstalled from a windows 10 PC and 232key pro is installed, will the license for 232key plus work for 232key pro or a new license must be purchase.

    1. 232key Pro requires a separate license (and can coexist with 232key Plus on the same system). If you’ve recently purchased a 232key Plus license, you can purchase a Pro license by paying the price difference. Please contact us by email so we can send you a link.

      Please note that 232key Pro can currently be tested without purchasing a license.