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Please observe the following points so that we can help you as fast as possible:

    • Please indicate the manufacturer and exact type/model of your device. Bad examples: “a scale” or “an Ohaus scale”. Good example: “an Ohaus STX421 scale”.
    • Please describe the problem precisely. “It does not work as expected” is far less helpful than “when I press the print button, only numbers in brackets show up in the event log in 232key Pro (see attachment)”.
    • Attach a screenshot of the event log.
    • Send us the user manual for your device if it’s not freely available on the internet.
    • If we’ve successfully solved your problem, please confirm that the solution worked. This is important for other users with the same issue.

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16 thoughts on “FAQ – Support”

  1. Hello, my OHAUS Adventurer Pro AV412 scale worked perfectly many years with win 7, after upgrading with win 10 the program can’t accept the data. Everything is set up correctly, but the data is not read. In the log window after stopping the program, the correct data is displayed marked in red and information that they cannot be transferred.
    I spent a lot of time trying to fix the problem and eventually switched to another program which can read the data like a keyboard

    1. Hi, could you please copy and paste the exact error that you’re seeing with the data marked in red (or post a screenshot)? If you’re seeing an “unsent data” error followed by readable data from your scale, then the terminator has not been configured correctly or it hasn’t been found in the data sent from your scale, which might be caused by the configuration of the scale or possibly by driver issues related to your upgrade to Windows 10.

      You will find more information on this error here: https://www.232key.com/support/troubleshooting.html#unsent-data

      However, 232key Pro 1.0.0-RC1 and earlier do not show it in red so I’m not entirely sure that this is what you’re referring to (you’re on the 232key Pro support page, the other versions have a support forum over here).

  2. Good day. I have a Mettler-Toledo ICS429 scale; it sends data in the data string that I need to remove before sending it to automation software (ex.: “14:27:49: Net 4.45 lb”). I need to see just the 4.45, nothing more. Can this be scripted? I have been trying to figure it out for days… Thanks!

    1. Is the device in the input tab currently set to “generic text device”? If you set it to “Mettler Toledo” or “Generic measuring instrument”, it should capture only the first number it encounters.

  3. Hello,

    We are trying to deploy 232key Pro using InTune, and cannot identify an uninstall command.

    Can you please let me know what a valid uninstall command would be, and where the standard installation directory lives?



    1. Hi, I’m sorry but we’re not familiar with Microsoft Intune. 232key Pro is currently only available as a ClickOnce application and will therefore be installed in the ClickOnce application cache under %LOCALAPPDATA%/Smartlux in a folder determined by the OS.

      Please contact Microsoft for support with Intune and ClickOnce as both are Microsoft technologies.

      We will eventually provide an MSIX installer for 232key Pro, but I can’t give you a date yet.

  4. Hi! I am trying to convert our computers into a Kiosk system where users would log in using their Microsoft accounts, rather than using a shared login. I know my company’s software license is tied to our shared login, so would a Kiosk system work? Is there someone I could email to talk about our specific case?

    1. There will be no issue with the license as it is not tied to a particular account. However, please note that using individual user accounts will mean that the license key and all other settings will have to be applied for each individual user.

  5. Hi there,
    Do you know how I can send function keys one by one in sequence when I scan one barcode?

    I tried GIDEI Output.
    But It is sent simultaneously.
    I want these function key to be sent in sequence.

    And Can I define my own class and method in 232 key pro?

    1. We’ve updated our documentation to show how you can send keys in sequence using GIDEI:

      You can create a class just like in C#, e.g.:

      public class MyClass
      public string MyMethod(string value)
      return value+'\n';
      MyClass mc = new MyClass();
      return mc.MyMethod(value);

      Please note that the script runs every time a value has been captured (you cannot use a class to maintain state).

  6. Dear SmartLux Team,

    we are using your 232key pro software in our company. in the last weeks serveral work stations suddenly lost their configuration, whereas we think it is because of automatically updates. Is there a way to save the config so that we dont have to configure the client after it did an update? An alternative solution would be turning off these kinds of automatical updates, but the other one is the prefered way.
    Im looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards
    Sven Oferath, trainee at HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH in Germany

    1. Thank you very much for your message!

      We will investigate the behavior during updates. Normally, the settings should be preserved.

      You can also prevent the need for updates by purchasing a license for each workstation. If a dialog appears asking if you want to update, just click “No”.

      We will add the functionality to export user settings in a future version.

  7. Dear Team

    We are using Datalogic Magellan Scanner Scale with RS232 Dual Cable. We configured 232 Pro as Polling to Send Ctrl + Q command to Device. As per the Datalogic team, we should send following commands.
    In Dual Cable, for instance, if you send the scale a ASCII W (57 hex) it will respond with either the weight or a status response.

    A weight response will be in the format ,XX.XXX,. For example a 12.345 KG weight would look like 12.345. In a Windows keyboard environment it is likely the leading character would be dropped or ignored by the O/S.

    For us, we are not getting any output when we sending Ctrl + Q but when we clicked on Stop, it’s coming as Invalid Data 00.165.

    Looks like, 232Key Pro is unable to read the data coming from Datalogic device.

    Please suggest if any settings to be done for this. I am attaching screenshot for your reference.

    1. This error message means that the Terminator has not been set correctly.

      Please also note that 232key Pro is not intended to be used in direct sales to the public (e.g. retail sales with scanner scales). Many countries do not allow freely programmable software to be used for such purposes.

  8. If 232key plus is uninstalled from a windows 10 PC and 232key pro is installed, will the license for 232key plus work for 232key pro or a new license must be purchase.

    1. 232key Pro requires a separate license (and can coexist with 232key Plus on the same system). If you’ve recently purchased a 232key Plus license, you can purchase a Pro license by paying the price difference. Please contact us by email so we can send you a link.

      Please note that 232key Pro can currently be tested without purchasing a license.