Become a reseller

If you would like to sell our 232key or Simple Data Logger software to your customers, please follow the instructions below.

Note: If you’re only interested in a one-time purchase, there’s no need to follow the process described below. You can simply place your order through our regular channel and indicate your customer’s name as the “license name”:
License name can be specified during order

1. Sign up to become a reseller

Our reseller store is managed by FastSpring. Please click here and fill out the application form. You’ll receive two emails when your application has been approved (please allow one to two business days for processing):

  • A confirmation that you’ve been approved as our reseller.
  • Your username and password for FastSpring’s SpringBoard which allow you to access our reseller store:
    FastSpring Springboard Acess Granted
    Please change the password immediately upon your first login.

2. Purchase licenses

After logging in with your FastSpring credentials, you will be able to place orders for our software. After payment, the number of licences you’ve purchased but not yet activated will be shown in your account as “available licenses”:
Available products in the reseller store

3. Activate a license

Once you’ve sold a license to your customer (the end user), generate a license key by clicking on the available product and then on “activate next license”:

Next, provide your customer’s name, company (if applicable) and email and click on “activate” (this step cannot be undone):
Reseller store license activation step 1

You can then copy the license key or click on “send license” to automatically send it to the email address specified above:
Activating a license in the reseller store - step 2

All your customer has to do is to enter the license key into the software:
Entering the license key in the software

Note: If no company name had been given, the customer’s name would be shown in this dialog.

Detailed information on how the reseller store works can be found here. As the store is managed by FastSpring, we cannot guarantee that our instructions and screenshots will always be up-to-date.

Reseller discounts and payment terms

• 1-9 licenses: 10% discount
• 10 – 19 licenses: 20% discount
• 20 – 49 licenses: 30% discount
• 50 or more licenses: 40% discount

You can purchase multiple licenses and activate them individually later. It is therefore possible to purchase licenses in bulk at a higher discount and later resell them to different individual customers.

Prepayment is generally required (unless otherwise agreed).

Important information about our store for resellers

  • The reseller store is intended only for companies who want to resell our software and want to cooperate with us on a long-term basis. If you need licenses for your own use or only want to buy licenses once for your customer, please purchase them through our product websites.
  • Your contractual partner for all purchases made through the reseller store is Bright Market, LLC dba FastSpring, a company based in the United States. All invoices will show FastSpring as the seller. You are responsible for accounting for the VAT due to the tax authorities in your country.
  • Licenses have to be activated individually (you cannot currently activate multiple licenses at once).
  • The license purchase and activation process is fully automated. We are not able to generate license keys manually for you.
  • Prepayment is generally required (unless otherwise agreed).
  • When activating a license, you must provide your customer’s name, company name (if available), and email address. This information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be used to contact your customer.
  • Once activated, licenses cannot be deactivated again (the license deactivation button shown in the store is only intended to assist you with your internal administrative needs and does not give you the option to activate another license in exchange for the deactivated license).
  • Your customers (end users) must comply with our end user license agreement (EULA) in order to use our software.
  • Concerning our 232key software only: Becoming a reseller does not give you the right to distribute the binary program files. Your end users will be required to download the program from our website