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  • Download our free RS-232 software
    June 26, 2104 – updated March 9, 2015
    Make any device with an RS-232 interface (like a scale, balance or serial bar code scanner) talk to any application on your PC using our free software 232key. Also works with devices which appear as a virtual COM port when connected to your computer.
  • Visit our digital scales blog
    Nov 11, 2013 is our latest attempt to present scales and balances in an interesting and perhaps even entertaining way (it’s in English, too).
  • Follow us on Twitter and Google+
    Nov 2, 2012 – updated Nov 11, 2013
    Keep up to date with news from our scales shops on our new Twitter account and Google+ pages ( and
  • updated
    June 25, 2012
    This website has received a much needed update after having been neglected in favor of our other sites for too long.

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