232key Pro version 0.9.0 released

This version introduces two new variables which are made available to your script. When 232key Pro receives data from the connected device, it tries to match a regular expression. The string matched by the first capturing group is stored in a variable named value.

The following additional variables were introduced in this version:

  • valueDouble: contains the value string converted to a Double or null if no conversion was possible.
  • valueDecimal: contains the value string converted to a Decimal or null if no conversion was possible.


Data received from the scale:

Requesting the weight from a scale with the MT-SICS "SI" command

S S      5.000 kg<13><10>

Captured in value string:


Script to output the weight only if it is greater than 0.1 kg:

if (valueDecimal>0.1m) return valueDecimal.ToString();

Output (note: valueDecimal preserves any trailing zeros, valueDouble does not):



232key Pro version 0.8.1 – Kern Communications Protocol (KCP) device profile added

Kern Communications Protocol (KCP) is a bi-directional protocol available on more and more Kern scales. Version 0.8.1 of 232key Pro allows you to select a “Kern KCP” device in the Input tab and to easily set the “SI” command (“send immediately”) in the Control tab to request the weight:
Kern KCP command

Further information on the Kern Communications Protocol can be found in this PDF document.

Kern has also produced a video showcasing the protocol (using their BalanceConnection software, not 232key Pro):

KERN Communication Protocol | KERN KCP


232key Pro version 0.8.0 – improved hotkey (keyboard shortcut) support

Many scales support a bidirectional communication mode: A command is sent from the PC to the device to query the current weight. This is also referred to as polling.

In 232key Pro, a hotkey (keyboard shortcut) is used to trigger the command. After 232key has received and processed the reply, it is entered into the target application:
Hotkey 232key Pro

The advantage of this method is that the user does not have to press a button on the scale itself.

Please note that not all scales support command mode and that you may need to configure your scale to enable it. Different scales also use different commands. As shown in the screenshot below, you can enter any command (using hexadecimal notation) or set a predefined command by clicking the Set default command button (if available). Please refer to the manual of your scale to find out which commands it supports.

In version 0.8.0 it is now possible to use individual keys such as F5 as hotkeys (previously, only key combinations including a modifier key were supported):
scale command mode with F5 hotkey

Some keys may be reserved by the operating system or other applications. Setting such a key will result in an error.

232key Pro version 0.7.7 – MyWeigh UltraShip-U2 support

We’ve included a device profile for the very affordable MyWeigh UltraShip-U2 scale in this release of our software.

Please note:

  • Only models which appear as a virtual COM port when connected to the computer are supported (this is not the case for earlier versions of this scale):
    MyWeigh UltraShip-U2 virtual COM port
  • This scale only sends the weight when the SEND button is pressed. It is not possible to use polling:
    MyWeigh UltraShip-U2 scale send button


232key Pro version 0.7.4 released – NCI protocol support

We’ve released 232key Pro 0.7.4 with support for the NCI General Serial Communications Protocol (described in this PDF).

This protocol is not only used by NCI, Brecknell and Avery Weigh-Tronix scales (ITW brands/companies), but also others like the Ohaus Aviator 7000. One of our users has kindly confirmed that it works perfectly with his Brecknell GP250-USB scale.

To use this bi-directional protocol, first select it as the Device in the Input tab, press the Set defaults button and confirm that all settings match those of your scale:

NCI protocol for scales

Next, go to Control tab, enable polling with a hotkey and click on Set default command for NCI:

NCI protocol: Hotkey to request weight

When you press the keyboard shortcut, 232keyPro sends the “W<CR>” command to request the weight to the scale, processes the response and types the weight at the cursor position.

Click here to visit the 232key Pro download page (fully functional trial version, expires on September 30).