232key Pro version 0.7.4 released – NCI protocol support

We’ve released 232key Pro 0.7.4 with support for the NCI General Serial Communications Protocol (described in this PDF).

This protocol is not only used by NCI, Brecknell and Avery Weigh-Tronix scales (ITW brands/companies), but also others like the Ohaus Aviator 7000. One of our users has kindly confirmed that it works perfectly with his Brecknell GP250-USB scale.

To use this bi-directional protocol, first select it as the Device in the Input tab, press the Set defaults button and confirm that all settings match those of your scale:

NCI protocol for scales

Next, go to Control tab, enable polling with a hotkey and click on Set default command for NCI:

NCI protocol: Hotkey to request weight

When you press the keyboard shortcut, 232keyPro sends the “W<CR>” command to request the weight to the scale, processes the response and types the weight at the cursor position.

Click here to visit the 232key Pro download page (fully functional trial version, expires on September 30).