Simple Data Logger Free compared to Simple Data Logger Plus

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Simple Data Logger compared to similar weighing software

What is the main difference between SDL and your 232key software?

232key does not write data to a file. Instead, it transforms it into (simulated) keystrokes and enters it into another application. 232key enables you to easily integrate your connected device into your workflow. SDL is better suited for data logging purposes as it works independently of the currently active application and cursor position.

I have an A&D scale, why should I use SDL instead of A&D’s free WinCT tools?

SDL can write the data to a file as fast as your weighing instrument can send it. In our tests, A&D’s RsCom and RsWeight software eventually became sluggish when data was sent continuously (10 values/s).

How does SDL compare to the Adam DU data capture utility?

SDL is cheaper and – in our opinion – easier to use. Adam DU has more features, including the ability to simultaneously log data from several weighing instruments. It can also perform statistical analysis on the captured values and display them graphically. SDL prefers to leave these tasks to specialized spreadsheet applications.

ADAM DU uses a very strict license enforcement system which can be cumbersome if you modify the hardware of your PC or want to move the application to another computer.

Can I use SDL instead of ‘Kern Balance Connection”?

This depends on your application. If you want to write the weight sent by a single Kern scale or balance to a file, SDL will work just fine. However, Kern Balance Connection has many more features (but is also much more expensive). As of 2019, the most advanced features have been split of into a separate software called Kern Balance Connection SCD-4.0-PRO.

I have an Ohaus balance. Ohaus SPDC is free, why should I use SDL?

As of version 2.01, Ohaus’ Serial Port Data Collection software does not have the the ability to record the date and time with the weight. It also has no polling feature and cannot create a new file (only append data to existing files).

How does SDL compare to TWedge?

TWedge is a very versatile application which covers many use cases while SDL is a simple application with a single purpose (log data to a file).

Twedge is similar to Kern Balance Connection (KBC) in that it is very powerful and flexible. While KBC is configured entirely using a graphical user interface, TWedge uses scripts. It requires some understanding of Javascript to set up.  Like KBC, some editions of TWedge support simultaneous connections to multiple devices (though independent scripts are used for each device).