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Common issues

I pressed start and nothing happened

If no data shows up in the event log in the start tab, please make sure that you’ve chosen the correct port in the device tab and that the interface parameters match you device’s settings.

Please only ask for help or submit a bug report if you can use the same settings to successfully transfer data to a terminal software like Termite or hTerm! If you cannot get your device to send data to these applications either, the issue is not being caused by SDL.

You can find extensive troubleshooting information concerning this problem on our 232key website.

I can see data in the event log, but it’s not being written to the file

  1. Make sure you’ve pressed the stop button to flush all data to the file.
  2. ‍Confirm that the data shown in the event log is in ASCII format (i.e. you can read the data and don’t just see lots of non-printable characters shown in <brackets>).

SDL captures the wrong data

If you’ve selected a measuring instruments in the device tab, SDL will usually capture the first (decimal) number in each line. If this is not the measurement value you want, please try changing the output of your device. You can also customize the regular expression used by SDL to capture the data you want.


How can I buy a license?

You cannot, yet. Licenses will be available for purchase soon (still in 2017 if everything goes as planned). Please subscribe up to our newsletter to be informed or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

How much will SDL cost?

The basic version will cost around US$ 20. A professional version with the ability to send commands to the connected device will be available later at a higher price.

Will there be a free version of SDL?

No. Depending on your device and your application, you may be able to use the free software listed below.


2 thoughts on “FAQ – Support”

  1. Really like the software, very simple and works perfectly the first time without even any changes to the generic device settings (used with a Prime Scales PS-IN202).

    Only change I would ask is that the window scroll down while data is being gathered so you can see data real-time. That’s a big one actually because it makes troubleshooting so much simpler.

    I hope you expand this software a bit to show a simple graph of the data and then an analysis screen with a simple drag bars to select areas of the graph to analyze with basic results of the sample area like peak, min, average, # samples, time, etc. Don’t get fancy (you’ll price yourself out of your market) but make it SIMPLE and just enough basics to be useful.


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