Version 1.2.0 released: support for Mettler Toledo SICS, new offline installer available

We’ve added an “MT-SICS” device profile for scales and balances which support the Mettler Toledo Standard Interface Command Set:
MT-SICS device profile

As an alternative to the ClickOnce installer, you can now download an alternative .msi Windows Installer Package (requires .NET Framework 4.7). Please note that settings are not shared between these two versions.

Further improvements in Simple Data Logger version 1.2.0:

  • On high DPI displays, the licensing tab contents are now resized correctly.
  • The TCP/IP protocol setting has been removed (it will be reintroduced when we add support for protocols other than ASCII/”raw TCP”), which enabled us to decrease the vertical size of the application window.
  • Minimum window sizes have been increased to ensure the application is still usable.
  • A warning is shown in the event log when polling is enabled, but no polling command has been entered.
  • An update notification is now shown in the status bar when a new version is available.

We’ve also updated our EULA and the message shown when the free version of the software is started to clarify that use in an organization (including academic institutions and non-profits) requires a paid license. You can easily purchase licenses online through our partner FastSpring (your license key and invoice will be generated automatically).

Note: If you’re already using Simple Data Logger, you may have to update manually to use the new features. Normally, the ClickOnce version can update automatically but we disabled this by mistake in the previous release. Simply go to the download page and click on install.

Version 0.7.1 – Remove characters | Discounted licenses available for beta-version users

The latest version of Simple Data Logger comes with a function to remove unwanted characters from the data received from the connected device. This is particularly useful when dealing with accuracy class I or class II balances with differentiated digits.

We’ve also made several small UI improvements. The timer tab has gained a useful button to set the default polling command for the selected device.

Licenses are now available for purchase

At this point, we’ve implemented the most important functions of Simple Data Logger and have tested the software with multiple devices, high data rates and data acquisition operations running over several days. Even though SDL is still in beta and can be used for free by all users until September 30, 2018, we’ve received multiple requests for license purchases.

Licenses are now available through our partner FastSpring. You’ll receive your license key and invoice immediately once your payment has been processed. To thank the users who have accompanied us through the development of our software, a 30% “beta” discount is applied automatically.

Note: The basic functionality of Simple Data Logger will remain free for personal, non-commercial use.