Version 0.4.8

User interface and usability improvements:

  • “Connected!” message in event log also appears for COM connections.
  • Generic text device is shown in italics in the device list to highlight that alphanumeric text devices (e.g. barcode scanners) are treated differently from numeric devices (e.g. measuring instruments).
  • Relevant settings are validated when switching from COM to TCP/IP and vice-versa:
    Error marks in SDL
  • Relevant settings are validated when pressing the “Set default parameters for device” button.
  • Downward arrows were removed from “Set default parameters for device” button as they would not appear correctly on Windows 7.
  • Tab order improved in license tab and license details dialog.

New features:

If you’ve already installed Simple Data Logger, it should update to version 0.4.78 automatically. Otherwise, click here to install it. Simple Data Logger is currently free to use for testing purposes, paid licenses will be available soon.

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