Version 1.3.3: Acculab AL and Sartorius Entris device profiles

Acculab AL and Sartorius Entris device profiles

With the help of our users, we’ve added profiles for Acculab AL balances (discontinued) and the popular Sartorius Entris series1 to the most recent release of our Simple Data Logger weight recording software. You can select these devices in the input tab and press the set default parameters button to automatically set the interface parameters:

Acculab AL default RS-232 settings

Likewise, the polling command to immediately request the weight from the balance can be set by clicking the button in the control tab:
Acculab AL balance polling command

Improvements and bug fixes

  • The software reacts faster when stopping data acquisition (e.g. when the stop button has been pressed).
  • The time format used for the auto-stop feature in the control tab is now consistent across all region settings (always HH:mm:ss).

Simple Data Logger software download and license purchase

1 Also works with Sartorius ED, GK and GW balances (according to the interface description).

Version 1.2.1: New A&D, Kern, Sartorius and Scale Manufacturers Association device profiles

The latest release of our data logging software includes many new device profiles:

Simple Data Logger software input tab with Sartorius (SICS) device profile selected

By selecting your scale or balance and clicking on the set default parameters for device button, you can easily set the required default interface parameters and the terminator:
Set default parameters for selected device

This also works in the control tab when polling the weight from the balance using a timer. With one click, you can set the command to request the weight immediately:
Set default command for Sartorius SICS

Visit the download page to get the most recent release of Simple Data Logger.